Professional Building Distribution with WAGO’S TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

With WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with reliable Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology, you’re prepared for future installations, even as building requirements evolve and become stricter. For the N-disconnect terminal blocks, you can choose between the variant with internal N-disconnection and N-disconnection from the N-busbar.

The Benefits for You:

• Connect a single-phase building circuit in one terminal block width
• Install quickly and permanently by simply inserting the solid conductors into the Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
• Test plug with a diameter of 2 mm for direct testing
• The right terminal block variant for any building application
• Actuation options: Select either the operating slot or push-button variant, or choose the hybrid (both actuation methods in one terminal block)

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